Thursday, December 15, 2005

'I wanna be a teacher and be Mother Teresa jr' - oh, please!

I wonder:

- Why do all girls in the United States say 'I want to be a teacher and help kids with special needs', when asked about career plans? Most gals in school and college have this same answer, like it's the correct thing to say.
Seems like such a canned response, and I've heard it ever so often in the past decade. Right from when I was teaching undergrads at SU, through last month in SF. It's always about working with kids or special needs children everytime. I don't recall anyone saying 'I wanna be a physician/architect/researcher'.

- Is it just me or does anyone else dislike watching videos online? Newsfeeds on the net, or attachments of videos sent on email. I rarely do - they take too much time, and you have to sit through an ad often. has too many 'Watch' news items, when I'd rather read about them. I recall these videos were all once 'premium content' , and you had to pay for them.

- About this couple sitting next to me yesterday afternoon. The young man was whining about hard-hearted she'd become, and how she'd changed to become an uncaring person. It was all said well within earshot. The woman didn't seem to react much - she didn't seem moved at all. I was thinking - Get a hint, she's about to dump you. Such behavior is usually a pointer to this next step.

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frizzbunny said...

A lot of things must be getting factored into this "canned response". Borrowing from the Session we just had at work today..."Stage Program for Women at IBM"..Women in general (not all) are conditioned such that they aspire to be perfect, and what comes naturally to them is to be nice and caring for all. The driving force is not ambition.